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Triangle Project Context

Health & Support

We offer individual and couples counselling by experienced and skilled clinical psychologists and clinical social workers at our offices in Springbok at our private practices.

Community Engagement & Empowerment



We have a presence in numerous communities in Springbok and throughout the Northern Cape and Western Cape, building relationships with individuals, governments, the police and wider communities and giving LGBTIQ people the tools they need to make their rights real.


Research & Advocacy

Triangle Project not only provides direct service provision to LGBTQI+ communities, but maintains a permanent programme committed to research, advocacy and policy on LGBTQI+ and SOGIESC issues. Check out our research reports, policy briefs, submissions and press releases below. 



Triangle Project is a non-profit human rights organisation offering professional services to ensure the full realisation of constitutional and human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) persons, their partners and families.  We do this through a social justice lens.

Our Vision

The development of a non-discriminatory society, where organisations such as Triangle Project are a choice and not a necessity.


Our Mission

To contribute to eradicating discrimination against and within LGBTQI+ communities, and to provide defined services to LGBTQI+ persons until they are no longer required.

Our Aims

  • Eradicating, lobbying and advocating against harmful stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours towards LGBTQI+ people 
  • Providing relevant, defined services in a responsive and flexible manner 
  • Building the confidence and visibility of LGBTQI+ communities 
  • Striving to achieve a better understanding of LGBTQI+ communities for ourselves and others 
  • Establishing and utilising both functional and developmental partnerships