About Me

I am an ambitious and highly motivated person that went from a social worker with more than 20 years’ experience to becoming an actor and business owner and achieving the same high-standards.


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My story

As a child growing up during the 80’s in Namaqualand, dreams were inspired mostly by TV shows, as barely anything out of the ordinary rural lifestyle happened here. So as a young adult I kind of made my dreams up as I went a long, thus becoming a powerful co-creator of my own reality at an early age. 

Starting out as a social worker practitioner, I always had this long lost dream at the back of my head of becoming an actor like the ones in the TV shows I use to watch as a kid. I kept on pushing this aside until someone asked me this one life changing question: “What is the one thing you will regret not doing at the end of your life?” My answer: “Being an actor!”

Much inspired by my love for people and artistic entertainment I became an accomplished professional actor with a distinction in the Advance Performance, My Diploma covers speech as well as drama. With my social work background and my new found passion for the arts and people from different walks of life, I became even more driven to help people to change their realities. My well-developed background knowledge of human behaviour is enhanced by my unwavering passion and strong sense of responsibility. My interest has always been in management where, whilst being creative and artistic, I can use my ability to build human capacity.  

What I bring to any work environment is strong leadership, creativity, passion and purpose. I have excellent communication, negotiation and facilitation skills demonstrated throughout my life and extensive work experience as facilitator, radio presenter, motivational speaker, offender manager, actor, social worker, and nine years of work and travel in the United Kingdom.

As an individual I am ambitious and highly motivated. Testimony to this is my successful transition from a twenty-year career as a social worker to becoming an actor and now to grow and develop people in my personal capacity as a private social worker and business owner. All achieved through maintaining exacting standards.

The proof is always in the pudding and this can be verified as proven by my testimonials on my website. Successful completion of leadership and motivational training courses at Compass Academy of Learning and Landmark Education. Also various team building training and exercises, and my life coaching experiences, have honed my ability to motivate and inspire others. I am a logical, analytical, and lateral thinker and have a systematic approach to problem solving.

My approach is client-centred, with the aim of empowering the client to make informed socio-emotional decisions and to harness their full potential. I endeavour to display compassion in my work with people.

My work with Triangle Project gives me intimate views into the daily lives of many trans and gender diverse individuals and the various factors affecting their lives. I treat everyone equal and with understanding, and work with them towards the best version of themselves. I am open to the invitation into a client’s life, as, in reality, we all have a lot to learn.

Services for Individuals

  • Psychosocial and socio-emotional support
  • Counselling
  • Advocacy
  • Appropriate referrals
  • Employee wellness programs
  • Training
  • Trauma and Crisis intervention services to individuals with diverse needs.


Services for professionals

  • Identifying, organizing and conducting professionaltraining for professionals and other human service providers.
  • Supervision services
  • Mentoring and coaching

I am excited and look forward to creative and innovative ways of helping people address their problems and build their dreams.